Saturday, May 9, 2015

My heart is full

Do you ever have those days that just make your heart so happy? Well, today was one of those days for me. 

I got to sleep in, have a yummy breakfast, then got in a great leg workout at the AFB. I also tried a new pre-workout called Spark which was great. 

We got the kids around 11 so their mom could go to a volunteer thing with her job. We all went to Target, came home for lunch then headed to JI to celebrate Marlow. My friend Julie's little girl Marlow turned 4 this week and invited us to come celebrate. 

Dave and Bowen enjoyed popping all the balloons haha boys!! 
Selfies with the birthday girl. She is such a sweetheart and so polite, love her. 

We had to leave around 3:30 unfortunately but we had such a fun time while we were there. We dropped the kiddos off then headed to mom and dads. 
We went to the Okra grill for a early mothers day dinner. 
Me in the gigantic chair! 

Mom, dad and Isabelle-so cute! 
Ok the food was ah mazing! Dave had country fried steak and I had their crab cakes. So darn good!!!! 

Our whole crew, I love my family so much! 
Lola and mom!
Shannon took this picture of Oliver while I was trying to get him to smile. It was so cute! 

Tonight I am going to bed with a full heart and feeling so blessed. It sounds cheesy I know but it's the truth!! 

<3 Sara

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Jules said...

Aww, love this! We LOVED having y'all there. Can't wait until the next time we can hang out :)