Sunday, May 24, 2015

Outside fun times

Tons of pictures in this post, who am I kidding there always is. 
So still on my weight loss program down to 141.5 this morning and felt skinny for the first time really in awhile. I have felt my body changing but the word skinny felt nice to feel. Now if only that pooch would start going away faster!!! Ugh!!!

We got this kids some breakfast and then they played for awhile. Daddy built them an awesome fort and they loved it. 

I remember making forts all the time as a kid and they were awesome. What kid doesn't love them?

We got dressed then Dave drove the girls to the park and Logan and I rode our bikes and met them. 
We all stopped at one of the bigger ponds to look for an alligator and we saw him. He was on the grass with his mouth open on the other side and it was so neat. Then all of a sudden he ran into the water and was swimming fast. Logan and I ran and the gator stopped. I am wondering if he planned for us to be his breakfast until we ran. Hmmm no thanks, not in the mood to be the eaten Mr. Gator. 
We went on an adventure at the park to this little stream then headed home for lunch and some relaxing. 

Shannon and Lola came over to go to the pool with us. It wasn't super sunny so it wasn't really hot. 

The sequence of events of the girls jumping in the pool. 

This shot of Logan is awesome!!! Dave threw him to catch a frisbee, he loved it. I am soooo glad they are getting this time with Dave. I won't lie it's been tough because Logan has been acting out which I can only assume is because he isn't handling this move thing easily. We are just planning to have as much fun as possible and hope he goes back to our normal well behaved Logan. 

Tomorrow morning we are doing some family pictures which I am thrilled for! I hope they turn out awesome! Then we may go by my parents house then end the day at the pool before the kids leave. We will see how the day turns out! 

<3 Sara

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