Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Advocare- Cleanse Phase

So I started this challenge May 10th and planned to do 1 giant post for the whole 24 days but I have changed my mind. This post is all about the first phase, the cleanse phase. So here goes:
So I started the Advocare 24 day challenge because these last 10+ lbs are not going away like I had hoped. I wanted to document my experience to a point and will click the publish button if I keep confident enough. If you can see this then I got some confidence. Also, I am still taking my juice plus whole food supplements, didn't want to discontinue them. I have been taking those since January and feel they have helped me. 
So today is day 3 of the cleanse phase and so far I am feeling good. I am down to 145.4 and I just feel better. I am way more aware of what is going in my body. Yeaterday I had some serious sugar withdrawls like BAD! It's amazing how addicted to sugar we can be without even realizing it. This experience is eye opening and I can't wait to see what the rest of the challenge brings.
What I am eating: Lots of fruits and veggies, some hummus for snacks. Oatmeal with turkey sausage for breakfast with a fiber drink(gag). Tuna and veggies for lunch and I have so far had taco salad for dinner (ground beef, tomatoes, salsa and a little avocado). Oh and snacks have also been PB on a rice cake. 

One thing to help the sweet tooth would be Quest bars I LOVE the white chocolate raspberry, strawberry cheesecake and the cinnamon roll. 

Day 7 and I am officially down 4.1lbs! Still eating pretty much the same although I did have a few pb pretzels last night because I was starving. Oh and I tried salsa on scrambled eggs, SO good! 

I also wanted to mention I am still working out like normal except taking it a little easier when my body needs me too. Changing my diet has at moments felt like a shock to my body so just trying o listen to it and not overdue it until the cleanse phase is over. 

Slight difference under my sports bra on day 7! I feel amazing! I also got my fruit punch flavored spark drink today and it tasted like hawaiian punch, YUM!

Day 9: seeing way more muscle definition which is awesome!!! I am still feeling amazing, 1 more day of the cleanse phase then I hit the Max Phase! Oh and I am so giving myself a pat on the back, we ate out for lunch yesterday and had a cookout with his work friends and my sis and I didn't cheat!!! My will power is crazy right now!! Seriously I keep thinking who is this chick who has taken over my body haha
Day 10: last day of the cleanse phase WOOHOO!! Down 5lbs feel amazing, I am so close to the 130's Which makes me SOOO happy! I haven't seen those in over a year! Tomorrow am I will weigh, so measurements and take pics. I am told I will see a difference but apparently the max phase is where people see the most change. We shall see! Regardless I have no regrets, 5lbs lost is enough of a win for me! PLUS I have learned clean eating and honestly will be sticking with it besides a few cheat meals here and there. I think cutting out the junk is why I feel so great! I want to also note: I haven't had chocolate in 10 days, this has never happened! 

Cleanse phase results:
So today I started the Max Phase but this morning was my after pics, weight and measurements for phase 1! 
I am really happy with my results so far! 
I have a hard time seeing a change from this view but my lower stomach (that bulge in the front) is definitely a little smaller. 
These were my numbers: down 5.1lbs and lost a total of 9 1/2 inches! 
I am feeling great and my confidence is definitely higher. I have been so frustrated this last year with my weight so that's why I did the challenge. I initially thought this was a cop out and a quick fix and yes quick but NOT easy by any means. I completely transformed my diet which was HARD for me but the results are there.
 Cleaning up your diet is truly key! Trust me I will not eat 100% clean the rest of my life lets be real here but I am definitely sticking to this way of eating primarily to maintain my weight once I get where I want to be which is 135. 

I put what I was eating at the beginning of this post and that's still mainly what I am eating except add boiled eggs now. 

So this is the start of my new journey and if you read all this I applaud you because honestly this is 100% posted for myself because I want to remember exactly how it went. 

June 2nd is when the 24 days is over, so we shall see where I am at then! 

<3 Sara

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