Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Today we observed memorial day, a day to remember those what have served and continue to serve and provide the freedom most of us take for granted. Thank you so much! 

This morning we got up and got pretty/handsome to go take family pictures. We met up with everyone near a huge white house on the old part of the navy ship yard. This area of Charleston has so much character, I love it. 
Kayce doing her thing! 
That is one cool baby! 
Lola Marie! 

Me and the girl who made me an aunt, love her!
Alayna wanted her picture just like Lolas! 
Me and my chevron dress I bought a year ago and it didn't fit, it does now! :)

After pictures and a good ole meltdown by Logan we headed home but first grabbed some chick-fil-a for lunch because we didn't feel like making anything. 

I went to the gym for almost an hour then got the kids and went to the pool. Dave wasn't feeling well so I figured he could rest in a nice quiet apartment. 
It wasn't very sunny so I stayed in my regular clothes while they played. 

The kiddos went to mommy around 4 and we have been just relaxing. I think if Dave can get off work we will get them again Wednesday night for more fun and craziness. :) PLUS we get to celebrate Alayna turning 5 on saturday! Lots of fun to be had before they head up north. 

I hope yall enjoyed your weekend as much as we did. It definitely had its crazy moments lol

<3 Sara

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