Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fun times

Oh my gosh, I had this post almost completely done then my internet explorer did something weird and it erased everything. That is so annoying but I guess it is what it is, got to love technology! 

Starting over :)

Saturday morning my sister had to go into work for a few hours so she dropped off the girls to hang out with us. Logan and Alayna were so excited they were coming over to play. They played some video games and with toys then Dave and I got on our gym clothes and we all headed to the AFB gym. 

 The kids got to play in the kids area, then Dave showed them all how to do some ab moves which they loved. We only let them do this because the gym was not packed at all so they were not in anyones way. 

 We got home and the kids fed the ducks with some bread mom had given us. They played some more then Shannon got there with pizza so we had lunch then headed to the pool to play some more. 

 After the pool we headed to JI to my parents house for some dinner. Dave and my mom also had a project they were going to start up, fixing my sisters Ipad screen. They completely replaced it but it definitely was not easy. At one point Dave even had some glass hit him in the eye but luckily it was the eye lash only. We stayed there until about 9 and we were all so exhausted that they decided to finish it Sunday after church. We got home and all  4 of us were passed OUT by 9:30, we had a fun but really tiring day!

Sunday we went to church then back to JI to have lunch and finish the Ipad. They got it working pretty good and definitely a lot cheaper than having to buy a brand new one or even paying someone else to fix it. After we left JI we went home and headed to the pool. The water was ICE cold unfortunately but the kids still swam some. I won't be getting in that water anytime soon that is for sure. It will probably have to be 100 degrees before I get in. not kidding.

 After the pool we went for a walk/bike ride with Teddy so he could get out the house and we all could get some exercise. 
 We played at the park, had dinner then the kiddos left and we chilled the rest of the evening.

 Tuesday was Cinco De Mayo so we had to have a margarita, or I should say I had to have one. We went to O'charleys AFTER we went to Lowes and dropped $612 on a new washing machine. Man being an adult can suck unless it means you get a margarita ;) Our friend Warren came with us, we try to invite him out whenever we do anything "fun" since he is still new to Charleston. 

We got home and a C-17 flew right over the house as I was taking a sunset picture. How awesome is this shot!! I absolutely love it. 

The rest of this week has been pretty uneventful which is A ok with me. We have another pretty busy weekend ahead of us so some downtime is perfect. Tonight I am blogging and watching my "girly" shows as Dave calls them while he plays some video games. So ready for Friday I can smell it it's so close!!

I hope you all have had a great week and hopefully the weather stays nice for our weekend!!


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