Friday, May 29, 2015


Today was my co-worker Jimmies last day at SPAWAR. As of 1:30 today he is officially 100% retired! I'm so happy for him, he will get to spend time with his family especially getting to travel with his wife. 

Wednesday we had a party for him with tons of food and a little ceremony. 
Tons and tons of food!!!
The man of the hour, he felt so humbled and blessed. 
Both of his cakes! He is a HUGE cardinals fan and he is known for giving out Hershey kisses! 

I ended up leaving before the ceremony due to tummy issues from the Advocare Max Phase (more on that later). Anywho I heard it was so special. He got 2 flags one flown over the Capitol and SPAWAR the other flown over the white house apparently a gift card and a few other items. 

Today I walked into work and this is what I saw when I rounded the corner haha he is a nut!! I took his picture because it's the perfect way to remember him. One fact about him, he is currently battling cancer for I believe the 4th time and the fact that he still is so happy and always at work is just admirable. He's a trooper!
2 of our admins made him this because he loves him some Mt. Dew! 
The payroll crew :) Christine and I will definitely miss him! He is crazy and a wealth of knowledge but he said we can handle it so I hope he is right!! 

Here's to new adventures and me learning new things haha because it will happen with more work load now! 

<3 Sara

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