Thursday, May 21, 2015

CG base tour

Last saturday was downright FUN!! We had the kids and my aunt Theresa invited us to the Coast Guard base for a free even they were having. 
Bathroom selfie before we left the apt. 

Aunt Theresa and Uncle David all dressed up outside the base giving out maps. They looked so cool! 

Izzy helping Alayna down the ramp since she was scared. They are such sweet friends! I love that my nieces love Daves kids. 
We got to go on like 8 boats at least, one of them was the sheriffs office boat! The kids loved it! 

The crew walking down the dock to go tour one last boat. We got to see where the crew lives too which was quite cool. They were there to answer questions which was also very informative. I could not live on a boat like that. 

These kids are so lucky to have such a great male role model in their lives! Dave is such a great dad and BFF (Izzy ;)) 
We went to have lunch at my parents house. They just got back from vaca and brought us fun gifts. Mine is the headband above, dave got a hat, logan got a shark and alayna got a pool ball. Thanks mom and dad, we love them and you! 
We headed to the AFB after to get some groceries and Logan begged Dave for a haircut so they both got one. 
I got some pretty flowers too :)
We headed to the pool for a bit, had dinner then hanging out until bed time. 
I'm pretty sure we all slept great that night, fun in the sun will do that to you. 

Making memories, enjoying life!

<3 Sara

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