Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentines & a bike Ride

Tuesday was Valentines day and our first one married so I thought that was cool. I know a lot of people think Valentines day is a dumb holiday and that you should celebrate your loved ones all year long and I totally agree you should "celebrate" all year long. I do however think Valentines is just fun and I love to see everyone celebrating the ones they love in whatever way they choose to do so.
Valentines day is also my Mamas birthday, she would have been 90 this year! Happy Birthday in heaven, we miss you and love you tons!! 
 Tuesday morning I had an hour long training and while I was gone Dave left these on my desk. So pretty, I absolutely love flowers and he knows this. I sure was blessed with a good man. We have our short comings for sure but we do compliment each other quite well! :)
  We decided now that we have a grill it was the perfect night to finally grill some steaks and they were amazing! I put some Worcestershire sauce with a wild tree ranch steak seasoning on them a few hours before we cooked them and the flavor was really good. We accompanied the steak with homemade mashed potatoes and some corn, very yummy dinner.

 Wednesday we got the kids as usual and it was such a nice day we went for a bike ride while Dave waited for our dinner to arrive (pizza).
Have I mentioned my eating has not been as great lately lol I haven't gained any weight though thank God! I will get back to it soon I am sure but I just got sick of tuna and veggies or chicken and veggies.

 The sun setting was seriously SO pretty behind the trees, the pictures do not do it justice at all.

We went a little further than usual because they said they had the energy, we found HUGE pinecones, we learned that the land we were riding next to used to be rice fields, one of us took a spill and we had some fun together!
Perfect end to not the best day but God is faithful and we trust in Him to make things better and He did.

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Anna said...

Nice valentine with your Hubby!
I love the pretty roses and the stuffed toy too!
Thanks for sharing your Valentine's day!