Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Afternoon at Sullivans

 Saturday afternoon after we got home from the gym and getting groceries we weren't really sure what to do for the day. One thing we did know is it was beautiful outside and we were not going to spend the day inside.  While I was making lunch I was trying to think of something besides just going to the park that wouldn't cost any money and would be fun for everyone not just the kids. The beach popped in my head pretty quickly and when I asked the kids they were all into that idea.
Then the question of which beach to go to. I have always grown up going to Folly because it made sense since I lived on JI but now it's not as easy. We let google maps decide and Sullivans was closer by almost 15 minutes! So off we went....
The beach access we use is definitely a pretty walk to the beach, I love it. Once you see the beach it is just so pretty.

Quick family selfie before we went exploring.
The water was insanely cold not that we expected anything less but of course we all had to at least put our toes in to see just how cold it was.



 Lots of running around, laughing, taking pictures and just enjoying the beautiful day.

On the way to the beach on the trail we saw a sign for a Nature Trail. Logan reallllllly wanted to go on it so we decided it was probably super short and would be no big deal.

Alayna took these two along with 5 million others that were interesting... she just kept pushing the button to take pictures. I deleted wayyyyy too many lol

 It ended up being at least a 15 minute walk mostly not on a paved trail/boardwalk so we were not in the right shoes but the kids really enjoyed it so it was worth it. It felt like we were just in the woods not even near a beach.
After the beach we made a stop at TCBY for some froyo before heading home.

My beautiful flowers I got from the grocery store, anyone else just love having pretty flowers around? I probably would have flowers in my kitchen 24/7 if they weren't so expensive and died so quickly.
We had a really great Saturday, being on the beach was just good for the soul.

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