Thursday, July 28, 2016

The CodFather

Last weekend started off on a super yummy note! We met up with our Newmans Friday evening for dinner at a new place called The Codfather. This place was a hole in the wall and off the beaten path but oh my goodness it was so good. Now their menu is super small I am talking you can get fish, chips, gravy and mashed peas. We all got the fish and chips for $10 which was amazing and the portion was quite large! I would say absolutely worth it especially for the fun british atmosphere!



 After dinner Dave and I decided to go catch Pok√©mon at the North Charleston Riverfront Park. I only agreed to this because I was feeling super full and knew I could use a good 30+ minute walk around to at least burn a few of the calories I had consumed. It was super hot but we both really enjoyed getting to walk around. We are so lucky to have such beautiful parks so close by!

(This is the bed, end tables and the dresser we got is behind Dave and we got everything in black)

Saturday was stressful for me, I should note I hate spending money, truly hate it! We worked out, went and got my eyebrows waxed then went furniture shopping. I bet you can see why I now said it was stressful, we picked out a bed, mattress, end tables and a dresser which we LOVE but holy crap that was expensive!! We both decided to just chill Saturday night after being in the store for over 2 hours, so chill is exactly what we did!

Sunday I went to church then met back up at home with Dave. We went to JI to hang with the fam, see my sisters new house, then off to Lowes for fridge shopping! You can see those two goofballs above were a little bored but we looked at paint too which was nice!

It was a good weekend besides my dwindling bank account haha this weekend will be our last without kids but truth be told we miss them so we are looking forward to the next weekend! We will have them a fri-fri so hopefully it will be sunny and there will be lots of pool time happening!


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