Friday, July 8, 2016

Stormy Fun

This past weekend was a 4 day weekend for us and we had the kids so we knew we had to have lots of fun planned. This will be the first part of the fun weekend because part 2 has a lot more pictures!
 After we picked up the kids Friday night we drove by our lot to see if there was progress (there wasn't) but we got to see a really pretty rainbow near by!
 After we had dinner and baths it was bible story time followed by some snapchat fun which made the kids laugh hysterically!

 Saturday we went to the AFB gym then to the commissary for some groceries. We got home had some lunch and decided to go to the pool even though we were going with friends later. So a few weeks ago a storm blew this pool float into the bushes and I decided to grab it because it looked cool and nobody was there to claim it. I used it Saturday at the pool and when I got inside I had this crazy line on my arm. Dave thinks it was from the gym (this has NEVER happened before) and I think it was the pool float. Very odd but it did go away in a few days luckily.

 Later in the afternoon we went to swim with our Newmans, unfortunately it was short lived thanks to some stormy weather. We still enjoyed the maybe 30 mins we got to be in the pool. We like their pool a lot more than ours!

 I love how much these 3 love each other and have fun together! Another year and little Isaac will be running around with them! We can't WAIT to meet him in one month or less :)
 We had a yummy dinner then the men and the kids went outside to play/fish. Ashley and I stayed inside chatting on the couch which is one of my fave things to do with her! I have always loved just chillen on her couch chatting about any and everything! We have done this for years!

We had a great start to our weekend and loved our time with our friends!


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