Friday, July 22, 2016

DIY Project

 Two weekends ago Dave and I decided while the kids were gone we would take that time to get their beds painted. We had wanted to buy them new beds for the new house but after pricing them out it just wasn't going to happen.
 We took both beds apart and drove them down to my parents house to get to work.

 It took 2 afternoons to finish mainly because Saturday afternoon it stormed so we stopped. So 8 hours that is with both of us working on it and $57 later we had 2 awesome looking beds!

I think they turned out really great and hopefully the kids like them when they get home in a few weeks! This was definitely a project and we were wore out but it saved us a ton of money and there definitely is some satisfaction from doing something like this yourself when you look at the finished product. We gave ourselves a big pat on the back and agree to never do a project like this outside in July ever again!


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