Tuesday, July 19, 2016

VBS 2016

 Last week our church held their week of VBS and it turned out so great. I had only signed up to help on Friday with the closing party but Dave did security Tues, Wed, and Fri so I ended up going the other days with him. I am SO glad I did because I had a really good time and they needed some help so I was able to step in where needed.
 Even doing something as small as filling up cups with lemonade or putting cupcakes on a plate can make a difference. I filled so many cups with lemonade and water it's crazy.

 I also got to spend some time with my sis and nieces which was nice! On Tuesday I got to be with Lolas group for a little bit which was fun. I think she liked having me there and I liked being there with her!

 They had a huge inflatable slide so we HAD to try it once we saw other adults having fun before VBS started.

 Friday they had the closing party which was great and included lots of cute animals in the petting zoo.  I swear the sheep with the hat looks like Teddy, it was crazy!

 And of course we had to do the slide AGAIN because it was just too much fun to pass up!

Next year I will probably volunteer the entire week especially if the kids end up getting to come which we are going to try and make happen. Their mom thinks they would have a blast and I agree so HOPEFULLY they will get to come and we can just have them the whole week to make it easier.

Very fun, very rewarding and we got to know more people and got to know some we already knew a little better.


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