Thursday, July 9, 2015

4th of July

So like I said in my last post we worked out Saturday morning then got the kids after the gym. We went home to get on bathing suits then headed to my Aunt Christines pool party.
 Yummy festive cake! It was quite yummy, I took a piece home with me and ate it at about 9:45 that night!
 We got there a little early so the pool wasn't quite ready, the kids were watching uncle John clean it out and once he said they could get in they were there until we left.
 I loved the seat turtle float as did everyone else

 Adriana swimming

 Me and my Lolly Rolly Polly (Lola)

 Oliver got to swim for the very first time at the party. I think he liked it, glad I got to be there for one of his firsts.

Me and my boy then me mom and grammy, I was showing mom how to do snapchat.

We left the party around 3:30 so we could go home and get ready to head to the Newmans. We were almost home and I remembered I left my entire purse on James Island at the party. Thank God Dave is so sweet he went to get my purse and didn't complain once about it. I felt like a dum dum! It gave me plenty of time to shower and Alayna got a bath too so that was at least productive while he was gone.
He got back at almost 5 so we packed up and headed to our friends house to hang out for the evening. They rock because they made us dinner (fried shrimp and French fries, hot dogs for the kids). It was seriously so yummy, I haven't had fried shrimp in months heck maybe even a year. We all talked while the kids played then they decided it was time for hockey. Let me just say this sport is dangerous whether you are on carpet in a living room or on ice haha this made me so nervous at times. I was just waiting for blood or more tears at any moment.

 It stormed while we were there so we were all pretty thankful that we didn't brave the crowds and go to see fireworks because all the big shows were cancelled. Of course that didn't stop the random people in her neighborhood from firing off some. SO we head outside to watch from the porch and Mr. Newman said pretty calmly there's a snake. I didn't believe him at first because like I said he was really calm about it, but uh yeah there was a snake!!! After he killed it we googled it and pretty sure it's a king snake which is not poisonous BUT who wants a snake around when you have kids running around.

 We hung out until a little after 9 then headed home so the boys could take baths because the girls got theirs done earlier. yay us! They did watch fireworks from the balcony for a little bit then off to bed. We were all wiped out and slept in Sunday morning.
Maybe next year we will go see some professional fireworks but this year we were happy with what we saw. Plus we got plenty of family and friend time and we were happy!


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