Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pool time

Sunday morning I finally got to take Teddy for a walk before church. It has been awhile since I took him on a long walk simply because it has just been too darn hot outside. It was actually really nice and gave me a break from the boring treadmill in the gym. I look forward to my walks now that it is going to be cooler soon enough.
I got back and we all had breakfast and got ready for church. After church we had lunch then headed to the pool with the Newmans! We got to go to their pool which was a first for us, loved the change of scenery. The kids definitely had a blast as did we!

 Jesse boy looking all cute!

 Love them!
 We got home took baths, had dinner then the kids went back to mommys to get ready for school. Dave and I walked Teddy, fed the ducks then passed out! I am always more tired on Sundays when the kids leave haha go figure!

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