Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Boys Baptism

This past Sunday was a really important day for Dave, he got baptized.
When we first met I found out he didn't go to church etc and it almost kept me from being with him but you know what, God had other plans. About 2 months into us dating I invited him to church with me and the rest is history. We both started volunteering at the church this past Spring and it has been a huge blessing to us both. The Lord has definitely blessed us both and bonus the kids LOVE church which we love!
Thankfully the weather cleared up and we were able to go so we all piled into the suburban and headed to Folly. Mom, Dad, Shannon and the girls came then Ashley and Mike met us there. One thing I absolutely LOVE is that Dave put on facebook afterwards that he got baptized in front of his family and friends, the fact that he feels like my family is his family makes me so happy. So here are a good bit of pictures and yes I posted them all because I can :) enjoy!
 Did I mention it was windy? ;)

The bromance is alive and well people haha

 Pastor Chris meeting with everyone, there were 14 people baptized on Sunday. How awesome is that!!

                                                These 2 pictures of us with Dave were actually AFTER the baptism but I can't get them to the bottom of the post.

 We are all so proud and happy for Dave this is such a big commitment but it's amazing what happens when you have a relationship with God.

After the baptism we went back to my parents house to hang out and have burgers for dinner. I love Sunday dinners with the family!
On the way home we saw a beautiful sunset and like I always say God is an amazing artist so it was very fitting to see after the baptism.
Perfect way to end an amazing weekend!!! Too bad Monday put me in Excel training ALL day! haha

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