Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mr. Mikes Birthday

Our Saturday was SO much fun!! We both woke up super sore from our Friday workouts so the gym did not happen but we went out shopping that morning. We got home had lunch, I made some pasta, we watched tv then I texted Ashley saying we were bored so we wanted to come over early haha The party was to start around 5 but we got there before 4. I enjoyed some time with just them before everyone arrived for the party. Ashley and I went to get the platters from Zaxbys which were delicious, I love me some Zaxbys.
Dave and I on the way to their house.
Mr. Mike and his princess bag that Dave thought was hilarious! We got him some workout gloves, a blender bottle and some protein bars to go along with their new man thing, working out/lifting weights. I think they definitely have a bit of a bromance going on.

 Once everyone got there, the guys all played some cornhole, drank some beers and had some fun. The kids played in the jump castle some and the ladies chilled inside mostly until it was darker, it was hot out there! Oh and we ate a lot of super yummy food, the chips and dip are always my weakness and these dips did not disappoint one bit!
Dave was throwing the boys over the side of the jump castle, they loved every second of it but I was sure there was going to be a broken bone at any moment. There wasn't just in case any of you are wondering.

 One of Mr. Mikes gifts from The Hulons if I am not mistaken.
This cake was DELISH, his sister made it from scratch, it's a white cake with chocolate pb frosting. Luckily it was really rich so one piece was all you needed.
 Happy Birthday Mr. Mike!!!

 I love these 2, we had SO much fun hanging out with everyone. We all agreed we should get together more often. I would much rather hang out at someones house, everyone bring some food/drinks and just hang out then go out to a club/bar ANY day!

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