Monday, August 17, 2015

Party Time

As I mentioned in my last post this was our first weekend with the kids in what felt like forever. I enjoyed a lot of peace and quiet but definitely would rather have seen them than not for that month. So anywho we went back to our normal routine for the most part. Saturday mornings start with breakfast then off to the gym for us to workout and them to play. The kids started school today and Logan needed a haircut so him and Dave got haircuts before we went grocery shopping. I think it is hilarious but this boy LOVES getting his haircut. Dave thinks it's because of the thing they use to suck the hair off his neck haha no clue I guess it's a barbershop thing. Alayna and I patiently waited for the boys, luckily there was not much of a line that morning.
 Fresh new haircut for school
We got our shopping done then headed home for lunch. The boys picked me out some pretty flowers so I had to get them in water. Note to self: buy an extra vase! We had to use a big cup for the flowers that wouldn't fit into the one vase.
 Silly girl with her cheese!
We hung out for a bit then got ready and headed to James Island to celebrate my Aunt Susan and Aunt Theresas birthdays!

 This picture cracks me up and here's why. So I was taking a picture of my new glasses then Alayna wanted to be in it then we decided to take a group picture. Logan was all acting like he didn't want to be in it at all and hid his face until I went to snap the picture and he popped his head up haha  I didn't notice until I went to look at it and he was laughing lol silly boy!
 We got there early for Dave to work on his car but he ended up getting the wrong part so that was a wash. It felt really good outside so Alayna and I sat on the front porch and she wanted to water pretty much any and every flower/plant my mom had.

Me and Sir Oliver, such a cutie!
 My cousins baby she is so light and cute!! Little tiny thing!

 My Aunt Theresa and Uncle David brought cokes with everyones names on it, well MOST everyones. Isabelle ended up with Bella and Alayna got Lena but I think everyone else got their names. How fun! What sucks was we can't drink ours until Thursday because we are all on the cleanse! Oh and you see that chocolate cake below this, yep couldn't eat that either! TORTURE!!! I may or may not have had a tiny bit of icing get on my finger while helping Logan pass out cake and I may or may not have licked it off. Btw he wanted to help pass out cake even when I told him we could do it he insisted, little helper!

 The birthday girls with their yummy LOOKING cake!
 My kodie boy
 We got a group shot with some of the ladies and Mr. Oliver, he's the ladies man in this picture.
 Lola with Adrianna, she had fed her a bottle and baby girl passed out. I think Lola was pretty content, I guarantee this kid will have kids one day!
As we were walking my aunts, uncle and grandmother out the boys were staring out the window.
We gave the kids baths there to save on time and that way they wouldn't have to take baths at 9 when we got home. Alayna and Isabelle LOVED getting to play in the tub together. I remember getting to do that as a kid with my cousins and I always loved it. We would always make potions with empty bottles and use shampoos etc to put in it. Now that I am older I get why this was frowned upon you know since shampoo etc isn't cheap and we were completely wasting it haha BUT it made for some good memories!
I will post about Sunday later! Happy MOnday everyone!

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