Monday, September 14, 2015

Can we say chill?

This weekend Dave and I had only one plan, CHILL! Next weekend is going to be busy and just hectic so having a chill weekend just isn't happening so that was the goal for this past weekend. We succeeded!
Friday night after the gym was all about Netflix and we did get takeout from Easy Bay deli because cooking just wasn't happening for either of us.
Saturday morning he slept in and I watched tv for a bit then we did our normal Saturday gym/GNC/Commissary routine! We also did get Teddy groomed which he probably is hating us for since now it has been randomly chilly outside and he has a lot less hair.
 We headed to JI and went to Kirkland and Marshalls with mom and Shannon. I got 4 awesome pillows and the coolest pumpkin pirate I have ever seen! I truly wish we had a house because he would look awesome sitting on a front porch with some other d├ęcor. I wouldn't put him outside our door if you paid me, someone would swipe it for sure. Seriously though, how cool is he???
 We had dinner, took a friend some Advocare Samples, hung out with the family and then headed home a bit late. We both got home and crashed, it was 10 (past our bedtime) haha I am slightly kidding yet not.
Sunday after church Dave and I took some more Advocare samples to a friend then met up with my friend Melinda for lunch at Dig in the Park at Park Circle. We initially planned on Sesame but that location is closed on Sundays so we ended up at the Dig. They have such a great patio area and the weather was PERFECT so I think it worked out way better than Sesame.
 I did get a marg too, they make really good ones!! and yes only 1 because I don't want to be drunk, just love the flavor!
 Chicken tacos HOLY COW they were yummy!!!  Daves burger looked amazing and so did her salad!! They always have good food here!

 We had such a good time hanging out with her, it had been a good 2 years maybe since her and I hung out. We actually met on IG (instagram) which is funny to us but yeah I guess that is just the age we are in now with technology. More and more people meet on the internet but this worked out because she is really cool!

We went home for him to watch Football for a few hours and I meal prepped then we headed to Sullivans Island to walk on the beach. I will post about that later because there are so many pictures it would make this post ridiculously long!
Happy Monday friends!!! Hopefully it is good to you!

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