Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Switch it up

Friday night we got the kids and after hanging out for a bit we all went to bed. I knew Saturday we were going to be busy but fun busy!
I had to get my eyebrows waxed Saturday morning so afterwards instead of going to the gym per our usual we decided to give walking the Ravanel Bridge a shot. I had NO clue how the kids would do so we just figured we would try and if it was a bust then so be it.

 They even inspired me to run a little bit, mainly to catch up haha BUT I still ran some!

 We made it to the top! I was super proud of the kids AND Dave because I did not know until this bridge excursion that my boy was scared of heights. We only got to the first span looked around then walked back down, it was HOT and their little legs couldn't handle too much more except to get to the car.
 After the bridge we still had to head to the AFB for grocery shopping and a hair cut for Logan. We also managed to get his Halloween costume. I was about to buy one for Alayna but she has 3 dress up costumes at the house and we will be utilizing those to save some cash! He is in LOVE with his costume he even tried to wear it to my parents house when we went down there later that day.
So my dad had to cook a bunch of bbq for the church for their tailgate party (more on that later) so Dave and I got there around 3:30 to help shred the meat which I had no clue how much work that was until I got there. Why on earth did I shower beforehand?? Now I know better!
We hung out with the fam, dad cooked us some dinner and we even got to see my cousin Scott who stopped by.

We got some play time with Oliver too. He is all over the place now but still cute as ever! It was definitely a nice afternoon with the fam!

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