Tuesday, September 8, 2015

1st Advocare Mixer

Last Thursday night I hosted my very first Advocare mixer, it is basically a time you invite people into your home and share with them information about Advocare. I really wasn't all that into this I won't lie but it was beneficial for me as I did sell an entire cleanse with a little more product to go with it. Plus I got to enjoy some time with my friends which that is never a bad thing.
We had spark and meal replacement shakes to try which I discovered I love love love the chocolate mocha flavor. I thought it would be horrible but I finally tasted it and fell in love. It's the only flavor that hasn't been TOO sweet for me and really loved the overall flavor. It only had a small hint of coffee which I did enjoy.
 The Eagles were playing that night and as much as Dave just HATED to miss my mixer (insert sarcasm here) he went to his friends to watch the game. AKA get out of the house away from all these women!  

 After everyone tried some spark we sat around and talked about Advocare and literally the rest of the night just hung out until everyone left. Answered questions and just chatted.

 Selfie with the ladies!
 Being silly with Veronica and Shannon! Just so you are aware the shot glasses have spark in them lol NOT alcohol!
Me, Abigail and Angela, They are both in my up-line and definitely been a HUGE help to making me successful with my journey with Advocare (personally and business wise)
 It definitely helps to have a good support system not just with the details of the business but to have your family and friends behind you is pretty great!
My family, friends and Dave have all been super supportive and I am very appreciative. We will see where this journey takes me, I did hit Advisor so I have a 40% off discount for life so even if I stop "selling" I get the discount for me! #winning

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