Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sullivans Island

The walkway to the beach, beautiful
 Sunday afternoon we were sitting around the house watching Football/meal prepping and it was absolutely beautiful outside so I decided we needed to enjoy the beautiful day so we got ready and drove to Sullivans Island to take a walk on the beach. Dave had never been to Sullivans Island and it had been awhile for me so that's why we chose it. Also, MAN it took so much longer to get to the beach. I remember when I lived with my parents a random trip to the beach was no big deal because it took 10 minutes to get there now? not so much!
 We saw 2 horseshoe crabs but seriously shells were non existent. Normally it's hard to find good ones but this time there were hardly any shells period.
 I loved the silhouette pictures for some reason, they just look really cool to me.  

 haha gotta love random outtakes while trying to put your hair up ;)

 So glad we did this spontaneous little trip to the beach it was the perfect way to end our weekend!

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