Sunday, September 13, 2015


Seriously Advocare is really starting to blow me away! Not only am I making EASY money I won a prize!! Woop woop!! The night I held my mixer they were doing a contest where you posted a picture from your mixer with #mixermania and they chose so many winners! 

Then I got this e-mail tuesday and I was thrilled! Of course had no clue what the prize would be but who cares its FREE! 
Friday I came home to find my prize! 2 boxes of the new Pumpkin spice meal replacement shakes and they are delicious!! I had one for breakfast Saturday morning and thanks to my budget I didn't order a few more boxes just to stock up! PLUS Dave may kill me to have all those boxes to find a spot for. 
Seriously if you love Pumpkin and like shakes as a meal then let's chat because these are now my favorite!! 


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