Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is it really fall??

Saturday I finally after 7 days felt semi normal and actually got to enjoy the day. I truly pray I never end up with a serious illness because I would probably go nuts having to be home all the time and feeling sick constantly. 

So anywho after a rather lazy morning we had lunch and then headed out. The kiddos kept asking for a park so we decided to take them to the North Charleston Riverfront Park. They had never been before and they get so excited to explore new places. 
The park was pretty fun but some of the stuff was so HOT since there was not much shade around there. 
After playing we walked around and the kids spotted the spray fountain area meant for playing in. 

Let's just say we were not prepared for this. However it was so hot and there were lots of other kids playing so how could we say no? They seriously LOVED it and I did too. My clothes stayed dry unlike theirs haha I only got my legs wet. 

We walked around some more to let them dry off just a little bit. It semi worked then it was back home. 
The kids decided they wanted to go to the pool. How they swam in that cold water is beyond me. Dave jumped in for a few minutes but my feet were all that was going in for me. 

It was a pretty darn good day. I slept hard thanks to still having less energy thanks to being sick. 

Sunday was quite fun too but I shall blog about that later :) 

<3 Sara

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