Wednesday, October 1, 2014

More for me

This post I am sure will be more for me than anyone else BUT I wanted to post an update about working out. 

Early this year my ankle was out of comission for awhile mmm like 3 months. So I put on a good 15lbs and I have been extremely unhappy about it. I have tried to embrace it for what it is but lets face it that just isn't happening. My ankle has finally after months gotten stronger so I have been back in the gym almost daily. Life happens so unfortunately getting to the gym everyday just isn't as easy as it once was. 

Daves apartment complex just updated their gym equipment and I have been LOVING it. In the last week I have really stepped it up and started doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts along with a mile on the treadmill, weights and abs. I can say honestly I already feel a difference in myself not just my body. I FEEL better and already stronger not to mention seeing muscle showing back up!! 
This picture is obviously more for me than anyone else lol BUT seriously my stomach is already looking smaller. Yay!! 
These are 2 of mu favorite quick HIIT workouts. Even if you only run through these one time you WILL get your heart rate up and break a sweat. 
I haven't and won't weigh myself for awhile. The scale can be so negative for me as it is for most people. So I have no idea what my weight currently is and I won't be finding out anytime soon. 

So glad my weightloss journey is continuing and not stopping anytime soon. My goal is to be healthy and feel good about myself not to be skinny. By the way I kinda hate that word, just sayin. 

Anyway if you actually read this sorry for boring you haha but this was for me mainly and if anybody got something out of it then thats awesome!! 

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Weeks halfway over!

<3 Sara

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Ashley Newman said...

I need your motivation to rub off on me!!

Keep up the great work friend!!