Monday, September 29, 2014

I love my people

This weekend really was a very good weekend!! 

Friday after work Dave and I just hung out, watched tv, had some dinner then he went to get his kiddos and I headed home. 

Saturday morning mom and I woke up kinda early and headed to Myrtle Beach for the day to do some shopping. We both did pretty good and I even knocked out some Christmas gifts and baby shower gifts I needed to get. I also got me some pants for work which I needed and a few tops for when it gets colder out. I had fun spending the day with my mom, just us! Thank you mommy for such a good day together, I love you bunches!! 

Sunday was another fun day! 
First up was Church, have I mentioned how much I love this church, such a blessing. Dave's kids get SOOO excited for church and I think that is just awesome! We had a full row of just our group me, Dave, Lola, her friend, Shannon, Ashley and Mike! I love going to church with my people! Mom and Dad go to earlier otherwise our group would have taken up an entire row! 

After church Dave, myself, all the kiddos and Shannon went over to the mall for lunch then to shop a little (just her and I) while Dave let the kids play in the play area. Oh and how can I forget they got to ride the train. I walked out a store as the train was going by and they screamed my name they were SO excited, for $2 it's worth letting them ride it. 

They also got to pretend to ride these guys in the middle of the mall. 

After the mall we headed to Ashley Lanes to celebrate Blake turning 8! 

The kids had a BLAST bowling, especially Logan. I think as long as it's a game he is all about it!! This kid loves him some games. It was so cute too because he was so excited when anyone else got strikes or just did a good job as well. Good sportsmanship which was really cool to see. I also bowled a little bit however I am not very good so it was short lived. 

After some pizza, cake, and presents it was time to go! Dave had a football game to watch and I needed to get to the gym! 

After the gym I went home for a YUMMMMMY shrimp alfredo dinner with the family. It was a perfect way to end such a good weekend! 

So Blessed and I thank God daily for the people in my life! 

Have a great week everyone! 

<3 Sara

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