Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunday Funday downtown

So unlike most Sundays our lazy butts didn't make it to church. Saturday was kind of a late night so sunday morning was sloooowww moving. Not to mention the weather was just yucky so I will blame that too. 

So since the weather wasn't great we needed to figure out what to do for the day because I am not a huge fan of doing nothing. We decided to head downtown to the aquarium and then IF the weather was ok to head to Spongebobs house (pineapple fountain). 
I am so glad we got a membership to the aquarium. The four of us have gone at least 4 times now so it has already paid for itself PLUS it is good until May at least. 
We also found out we can go to the 4-D movies for FREE!! So we decided to try it, I saw the title was sea monsters so I wasn't real sure how Alayna would like it. My instinct was right, a few minutes in she was scared and crying so Dave took her outside. Logan and I stayed and thought it was so neat. A few times he took the glasses off but he said he really liked it. I think next time depending on the title we will go ahead and not take Alayna in and just let the boys go. 

After we finished at the aquarium, we spent at least 2 hours there, we headed to the Pineapple. You can see the weather wasn't perfect but there was no rain or lightning so we took our chances. 

The kids absolutely LOVED the fountain. They were running all around it and ended up soaked! They were too funny holding their shorts up haha in their efforts to not get wet. 
We didn't stay too long because we were pretty hungry. Next time we will take towels and plan to stay longer because they were not ready to leave. Oh and take some snacks! 

This was maybe 15 minutes after getting in the car. I think all that fun wore her OUT!! 

Got back to the apt and chilled but I knew I needed a workout so off to the gym I went. 

Sunday really was a good day! 

<3 Sara

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