Thursday, February 25, 2010


You know sometimes I wish there was a button on the blog that could keep a post private.
Sometimes I just need a place to vent and for the most part I do that on my blog in a nice kind of way.

Anyways today I quit something that I didn't REALLY want to quit. BUT when I looked at all I have going on it was the one thing I felt almost ok with quitting. I hate quitting anything but I put a little too much on my plate. I honestly feel bad for little Kodie hes alone ALOT since things got a little busier. :(

So for now I will keep my workouts everyday, continue and grow with the middle school youth group this makes me really happy thanks to a girl named Courtney, Zumba, church, family time and some QT with ME! THats one thing lately thats stressed me out the most, Thinking I dont have enough time for ME. You know I also wish I made more time for my famiy... I miss them A LOT! In fact I might go see them tonight... yes you know what I will! Im in a weird place right now and im trying to figure it all out and still have everyone happy. Its almost like a chaotic feeling like your free falling and flailing (sp?) about. Is that even a word? I have no idea. I hope people reading this dont think im absolutely crazy haha just a 23 year old girl trying to figure out life. and make me happy!

<3 Sara

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Joanna Noel said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog..and for becoming a fallower..I am fallowing you now as well! I am allways excited about meeting new blogger friends! :)