Monday, February 15, 2010

My weekend

I have to say I had an awesome weekend. Friday it SNOWED in CHARLESTON!!!!! I can't remember the last time it did that. Saturday mom and I went to our first Zumba class at church and it was AWESOME!!!! Then we went to party city, Petco, Tuesday Morning, Chik-fil-a and lowes. We had a good time spending some quality time together. She was nice enough to watch kodie for me that night too. I went to Angel's birthday party Sat night and wasn't sure if I would drink or if I didnt how the roads would be to travel home. But both were non existent. Meaning I did go home. But let me just say I had the BEST time at Angels birthday party. The group of people there were so fun. I have honestly not laughed that much in SO long. We had great food and played apples to apples and just socialized. I made some new friends which was exciting. Always can use some more awesome people in my life.

Sunday I went to church then costco with my parents. I always love that time! I had lunch at their house then headed to my sisters house to see my nieces and her of course. She ended up talking me into the Winterjam 2010 concert that WAYFM put on. It was alot of fun. The 2 pics below are from the concert. It was me, Shannon, Tony and their neighbors Shannon and Billy. I was a 5th wheel TECHNICALLY but I didnt feel like it. All in all a good valentines day. On a seperate note: At the concert I saw someone I used to be friends with. I really did not enjoy seeing this person AT ALL. Im just hoping I can have a forgiving heart and not let that EVER affect me again. I moved on after 5 mins but still I shouldnt let anyone affect me that way. Plus its just immature of me. But hey I am not perfect still working out the kinks haha

Today I am being SUPER lazy and blogging my butt off. Oh and I have watched 2 movies. The time travelers wife *awesome movie* and zombieland was OK! So I might go watch another movie since the weather just stinks and im lazy. I finally learned how to relax YAY!!!

<3 Sara

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