Friday, February 19, 2010


Look at him in Moe's bed with all the boys toys! This is what he was doing before I left for NYC. I don't think I have posted this picture but it makes me laugh. I saw it in my phone this morning! Poor Moe wouldn't sleep in his bed for a week.

Also, I got a little bit more sleep last night and am feeling a bit better this morning. I can't let work get the best of me and ruin my days. You are supposed to life live to the fullest and thats not happening. So hopefully today will be great and this weekend will be better. Oh and I got my tax money this morning so I can almost pay off my credit card which makes me SUPER happy!!! Im glad I checked the mail this morning. And im hoping I can eat something later but my tummy has been so upset im scared too. Oh well! weight loss haha just kidding.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

<3 Sara

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