Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 3-NYC

I figured while im motivated I can do all the days of the trip.

Day 3 was SOOOOOOOO cold. It was like 17 degrees and 5 with the windchill. So we took a cab downtown to wall street. We saw the NY stock exchange it was a really pretty building. Then we walked to where the WTC towers were. It was just an erie (sp) feeling. Just to know what happened there almost 9 years ago. Was really sad for me. Then we walked up to China town I was NOT a fan of it. It was So cold and the stuff was just tacky and the people were annoying. I know that sounds horrible but guess what I do not want a fake designer handbag. lol We then took a cab to Greenwich Village which was cute. BUT again it was cold and only thing to do there is shop at expensive stores and eat. SO we took a cab uptown to Times Square had lunch, went in some stores etc. We went to the hotel and Krystal took a nap and I watched Tv. I know who does that in NYC! haha we do! But when she woke up we made a plan and went back to Times Square for some more fun. We went to Dave and Busters which was PACKED but we still had a lot of fun. We also went to Ripleys Believe it or not which as always is just WEIRD. There was a fun Hello Kitty store which I got the girls a Easter gift. I think they will love it. Then we went back to the hotel and started to pack.

Enjoy the pics! PS if I look cold I WAS!!!! haha

<3 Sara

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