Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 4-NYC

So Day 4 was travel home day. We got up early and left for the airport. Our first flight to ATL was cancelled because the plane was broke. So we had an our wait for the next plane. It was cool leaving because the snow on the ground got thicker as we left the city. I was honestly surprised at how much snow covered the ground in certain areas. We got to ATL and then waited for our flight to Charlotte. We got to Charlotte around 6. and Then my fave part I got to go to IKEA!! Woo Love that store. We got to my parents house at 10 and I got home around 11. I was DEAD tired and So happy to see my little Kodie.

here are some pics I took just a few. YOu can only take so many cloud pictures.

<3 Sara

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