Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is beginning to be the worst 6 letter word EVER. Lately work has just been really crazy. Lots of new requests coming in that I have to figure out literally how to fill them. Purchases that I have never done, finding things that dont seem to honestly exist, helping customers who are ungrateful etc. I am normally a very chill happy person but within the last month or so I have just let the stress build and build until now when im about ready to burst. I HATE this feeling I can't let stress take over my life. I feel like I am always tired and rundown. I even talked to Claudia who retired in Sept whos job I do along with the one I did before she left. Now most days honestly I love working in the library its just lately I do not care for it much. I don't mean to use my blog as a place to vent but then again why not... not many people read it anyway besides family and a couple of others. I just pray that things get better. Its just interesting that as soon as I start building my relationship with God that things start to go this way. The Devil is working overtime right now and I can't let him win... I won't! If you are reading this and are one that believes in God and prayer I ask that you pray for me. I want to be back to my normal self but better. I want to be able to not feel physically/mentally sick from stress. Just this week I have not been able to excercise, go to youth group and I left small group early. oh and they played dodgeball at youth group totally bummed I missed that. Not that I am any good at it but who cares! I just need to be back to normal. Kelly prayed over me tonight and I read some awesome stuff tonight in the bible. I took a melatonin pill to sleep which is just a nice vitamin I believe. Tomorrow is a new day and its going to be a good one. Peace out stress!

<3 Sara

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