Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OH MY GOSH I HAD THE BEST WORKOUT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did an entire hour of straight cardio! There is no exaggeration when I say an hour! And it was my first time back in the gym in like um 4 months... BUT I had been working out with Angel. Being a wife and mom is hard sometimes so Angel can't always work out. SO instead of just not working out on those days I will be heading back to the gym! And what was cool is I saw my friend Mikey who is also my small group leader. It was nice to see someone there that I knew. Even if it was just to say hey! So I guess I will keep my gym membership and kick butt there whenever Angel is busy or Joshiepoo is sick (like today)!!

AND I want to figure out their Zumba class schedule and JOIN! Prisca has gotten me LOVING zumba even if I have ZERO coordination!

ahhh Love life today!!

<3 Sara

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