Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 2- NYC

So I am finally posting about day 2 in New York City. I hope I remember everything but we shall see.

We woke up and walked to Rockefeller Center for the NBC studios tour. That was pretty cool but we couldn't take pictures. We saw the studios for Brian Williams, Dr. Oz, SNL and that was it. Still very cool though and Dr. Oz's studio was SO cold, its so the lights do blow up. true story haha After that we went to Top of the Rock which is rockefeller center. That was awesome! We saw the city from atop the ESB at night and top of the rock during the day. The views were just gorgeous I loved it and surprisingly wasn't scared of being that high. After that we took a cab uptown to do our shopping Dylans candy bar, the plaza, fao schwartz, saks, nordstrom, etc. We went to Serendipity 3 which is where we had the famous frozen hot chocolate SO yummy and expensive. Then we took a carriage through central park which was neat. SO cold and there was snow on the ground so it was really pretty. The rest of that afternoon was just shopping and walking. That night we ended up at a BBQ joint for dinner GO FIGURE haha then we walked to Grand Central Station. I didn't realize how many trains and people there would be or how big it would be. It was really neat and im glad I got to see it while there. We almost didn't go because we didn't think it would be a big deal. But it was cool then we headed back to the hotel because our feet were killing us.

thats pretty much Day 2. Enjoy the pics!

<3 Sara

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