Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Well im not sure what ya'lls weekends were like but mine was pretty chill. Friday night I went to my parents house and hung out. Dad and I watched a show called Criminal minds which was really interesting. CSI like but I found it to be better than CSI. Oh and we had YUMMY Melvins BBQ Sandwiches!!

Saturday the weather was just HORRIBLE so Kelly and I did alot of nothing in the morning. That afternoon we went to Firehouse subs (not as good as subway in MY opinion), burlingtons looking for a scarf and grocery shopping at Publix. Then we did a lot more nothing :) Saturday night we went to Kickin Chicken for appetizers and a drink. We met up with our friends Damien, Nick and Jay we had a good time. Then Kelly, Jay and myself went and hung out at our apartment. Very chill yet fun evening. Heres a silly pic of Jay.

Sunday we didn't make it to church like we had hoped. We were going to try a church called Crosstown. We are trying to find our place where we feel we fit in and the people aren't fake. Not to say anything bad about our current churches but we just don't feel like we truly belong there. God has something planned for us we just have to find the place. BUT in order to do that we can't go out on Saturday nights. Sara staying up until 2am does NOT equal waking up at 8 for church. Sorry I require sleep.

I got to hang out with my friend Heather sunday afternoon. FINALLY found a scarf and a pretty cool hat which im in love with. I have a feeling im going to be REALLY warm in NYC. Dillards is where I found them all 50% off which made the purchase all that much better. Then we had a salad for lunch and talked for a bit. Shes going through some hard times if you are one to pray please keep her and her family in your prayers. Sunday night I had dinner at my parents house. YUMMY pork chops etc!!!! All in all a good weekend for me!!

I didn't get to watch the grammys but looking online these are my faves! (see below)

I think Carrie Underwood looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous love her and Lady Gag is just INSANE but so artistic! She wears some of the craziest outfits but she wouldnt be lady gaga without them. And I think Miley looks pretty and for some reason really like her dress although it is rather different.

Happy Monday!

<3 Sara

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