Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Friday

Look who I get to go play with today!


Let me just tell you something about me and Josh. When I first started working out with Angel (his mommy) he liked me and found me fascinating but would NOT want me to hold him or anything. He would cry if his mom left him in the room with me. And no I didnt take it personally hes just one of those babies. But NOW is a whole other story, he just loves me to pieces as I love him to pieces. Yesterday we played on the floor and no tears were shed even when mommy left the room. I would say we are making progress. Once Angel saw how well we were playing together she said it was nice to know if something comes up she finally has someone in Charleston who isn't family who could watch Josh. I'd say that is def a good thing. :) So today I will go play with little Josh oh and workout too! haha Angel and I worked out HARD yesterday. We beat the HECK out of Bob. I should take a picture of bob. Everyone always thinks hes a real person. Sorry I do not physically beat up people.

Anyways, Hope you all are having a great Friday and enjoy your weekend.

<3 Sara

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