Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Well another weekend has come and gone. Why must they come and go SO quickly? I feel like life needs to S-L-O-W down!

Friday night I went out with Angel to Cinebarre in Mt. Pleasant. Its a theater where you eat/drink and watch the movie at the same time. Overall the food was good. I got a chicken sandwich and some fries, Angel got some special pizza. The only thing is I didn't like the seats not so comfortable! But thats ok! Its one of those places you go SOMETIMES! It was my first time there and im sure ill go back sometime in the future.

We saw the movie "It's Complicate". Such a good movie, definitely not a movie guys would like. At least I wouldn't think they would like it. Angel and I laughed A LOT! So go see it if you are looking for a funny girly movie.

Saturday I took Kodie to the vet just for some shots. Saw someone there who I just did not want to see. Then I went to my parents house and hung out there for a bit. Krystal, Mom and myself went a couple of places then to the Tanger. We got some new shoes the SAME shoes lol for our NYC trip. We are both getting so excited. And Dad is giving us some money for our Hotel (thanks daddy :) I really do appreciate it) So that was exciting too! We have our trip pretty much planned out and we are going to have a LOT to accomplish in like 2 days. As soon as we get there the fun starts. Then i went to the grocery store Bilo had a lot of good sales. Then Kelly and I went to our fave place Kicken Chicken! We were there 5 hours! SUCH a good time. We ended up with 2 guys at our table. Def not dating material but just cool guys to chat with.

Today I didn't do very much. Stayed home for awhile. Went to my grandmothers house and had lunch with them. Then I went to my parents house and spent some QT with them. Mom did my taxes which i'm really excited about. Not getting a LOT of money back but I could def use the money. Tonight im just hanging out. Watching Gilmore Girls im finally to season 4 out of 7. Theres a major storm coming our way it feels AMAZING outside so breezy.

Anywho I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!

<3 Sara

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