Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What SHINED in 2009! I got the title from my sisters blog.

1. Moved out with Kelly for the very first time ever.

2. Got a puppy whom I love

3. Got a new niece/God Daughter who is SO great

4. Started going to church more :)

5. Removed some people from my life and I tell you I have been SOOO much happier

6. Improving everyday at my job and impressing a lot of people. Higher up people!

7. Speaking of work I got 2 awards for outstanding performance

8. Gained a relationship with one of my sisters

9. Grew up

Ill do 9 since it was 2009!

New Years Resolution: Do better managing my money. Im not hurting or anything but I need to stop shopping and just be more independent.
Maybe lose some weight but that is not a big deal as long as Im healthy.
Be a better Christian and a better person all around.

Happy New year! I hope 2010 is amazing!

<3 Sara

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