Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brrrrr its Cold Outside

Ok so im pretty sure I live in South Carolina but this week you wouldn't know that. Its FREEEEEEEEEEEZING outside. Yesterday I had to deliver mail in 27 degree weather let me just say that SUCKED. My nose was FROZEN. However, Today I am in my nice warm office taking a little break from all that piled up over the last week. I hate that about covering other jobs, I can't get my own work done.

This past weekend was a great 3 day weekend. Friday I went ice skating as I previously posted. Saturday I took Kodie to the vet, he has worms. EWW! But we are taking meds to get rid of them. I went with my sister her hubby and their kids to a new restaraunt on James Island called Smokey Oak. Oh it was SO good they had the best wings and mac n cheese. Try it if you live around here. That evening I went shopping with my sister got some really cute baskets to organize my stuff and it worked. Very cute!

Sunday I went to church. I love my church! Then had a family lunch and went home and chilled with Kode man. That night I went to my friend Angel's house for red beans and rice and it was SO good.

Btw I think starting at the end of January ill be helping with the youth on a regular basis. Im terrified and excited all at the same time. Pray for me because im SCARED!! I just don't want to mess up but really all that is expected of me for awhile is to hang out with them and when I feel led I can do more. :) No pressure!

Anyways below are some pictures from my phone! Enjoy!

The flowers I got for my birthday! So pretty!

Lola at Smokey Oak

Beautiful Isabelle just chillen on Aunt Sara's bed

Lola in her new outfit! Tilt your head it wouldn't change!

<3 Sara

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