Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am so frustrated here today at work. I have this HUGE program that I use here in the library and its on a network. WELL the network is going away... So my old process for uploading cd's onto the OLD network was simple. 1. put into the cd or dvd drive 2. click an icon 3. wait for it to copy 4. tell the dude and he did whatever he did. WELL that part 4 is no longer the dudes deal its MINE! So he comes in my office yesterday to tell/show me how to do part 1 of number 4. HAH he was the WORST teacher... I was WAY confused and he was like oh its simple you can do it. Well I put it off yesterday because just the THOUGHT of it stressed me out. SO today it must be done... I hope I don't screw up but at the same time his instructions were HORRIBLE. Just pray I get this done. I have been praying my butt off about this and im feeling a little more comfortable. But still.... I understand not all people are meant to "teach" but dang he was SO hard to follow. I kept saying " so what your saying is this...?" then he would go on a spiel about something else. ok so enough of my rant/prayer request. Just please pray that I can get this done and done correctly. And if I don't let him "teach" me more accurately next time.

<3 Sara

PS Happy Wednesday!! 1 week and 1 day until I leave for NYC! SO ready for this trip.... work has been stressing me out!

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