Sunday, January 17, 2010

3 day weekend

I love 3 day weekends!! Thank you Martin Luther King for Monday off!

Friday didn't do too much. Hung out with Angel after work but nothing after that.

Saturday mom and I got up real early and left for Myrtle Beach at 7:30. It was just us good mommy daughter time! I enjoyed it a lot. We did some power shopping and got some really good buys. The shopping up there is SO much better than Charleston. Plus they have different stores. If I had more money the QVC store would have been my place. They had a TON of stuff especially purses. :)

Today I went to church then Costco with mom and dad. Typical Sunday morning :) Then I came home and had to clean up dog poo from ALL OVER my bathroom. He likes to poop and walk in it.... I am NOT a fan of this action. Then we went out to Kiawah to Carolina Girls (kellys weekend job) and got some Vera Bradley. She gets a discount and she got me the CUTEST wallet I can pretty much use it as a clutch. SO cute! We got Starbucks (best caramel frap in awhile) and headed to my parents house. I enjoyed hanging out there for awhile. I always enjoy my time with the fam! Tonight Kelly and I just hung out!

We have a new neighbor who ALWAYS happens to walk outside when we are out there. So weird its like he knows when we go outside. But its not a horrible thing just weird. hes SO cute and has an irish accent.

The below pics were taken on my phone so the quality isn't great.

<3 Sara

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