Monday, February 22, 2010

NO shame

haha that was somewhat the theme for this event. "No shame in my game" haha! Yesterday Shannon, Lola, Isabelle and myself went to Hampton Park for a couple of hours. The weather was just too gorgeous not to be outside. I have a TON more pictures that I will add later probably tonight. However, I was looking at my phone pics this morning and had to post.

Lola had wanted to ride her bike and so she brought it with us. Well most of Hampton Park is grass or dirt. They do have paved trails but they were not really where we were. Anyways, Lola decided she was DONE with her bike and I didn't want to be hunched over pushing it back to the car. Therefore I went with the next best thing. Lets RIDE the mini Barbie bike with the tiniest seat EVER. Lets just say it was a good laugh and my butt HURT afterwards. Lola was laughing hysterically at me! I think I got a few good laughs from people I passed including a dog training class. :) Hey all in good fun!! Plus that little bike goes FAST!!!

Enjoy the pics ill add the rest of the pictures later tonight (maybe)!

Happy Monday!!

<3 Sara

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