Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Boat Trip

Yesterday we went for our first boat trip of the summer. For some reason I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do. Maybe it was the fact that my nieces weren't there? I don't know. We still had a great time. I did burn my feet walking on the sand for over an hour collecting sand dollars. That has not felt very good. Luckily they are bareable today so im going to go to church and a lunch for my moms birthday! Happy Birthday mom!! Love you lots!!

So here are some pictures I did take:
If I had everything my way I would own this house which is GORGEOUS
with the boat on the left which I actually think belongs to the people who own that house. That would be in my perfect world.
One of the views from the river
We found this little guy on our walk. Yes he is alive and he is known as a "ghost" crab.
This big guy was dead and smelt HORRIBLE. There were 3 of these within feet of eachother which was really odd. But I think Horseshoe crabs look neat so I took his picture.
The view on our walk was just absolutely beautiful. Ps. the water in the "gullies" was HOT. One kid actually said it feltl ike a hot tub.
a bunch of pelicans just chillen on the beach. I didn't get them all in the picture either. CRAZY.
ALL of the sand dollars we picked up. It was me and my 2 neighbors and this was all we could carry. We didn't have a bucket or anything. Just our hands.

Below are 3 pictures I took at my sisters Birthday party Thursday.

Her cute and yummy red velvet cake!
Lola trying to be like her Nina. haha
Heres my baby playing with the boys. He is still so skinny. I swear this dog eats!!!

I hope you all have a great Sunday.

<3 Sara

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