Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dyin my hair

So post breakup Friday night I was bored/depressed and wanted a change. So Kelly and I decided to head out to Walmart to buy hair dye. I am SO disappointed. I wanted my hair to end up light brown when it HARDLY changed. I can personally see a difference because its my head. But I know you won't. Its got a semi reddish tint to it now. Oh well next time I will buy a much lighter color so that it actually does what I want it to.


Kodie looking at me like im a crazy person
Kelly and I with our hair dye
The after.... told ya! It looks the freaking same :(

Epic fail with the hair color. The box totally lied to me. I told Kelly maybe I should have bought a blonde so it would have turned my hair LIGHT BROWN. haha maybe next time :)

<3 Sara

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