Monday, July 5, 2010

Friends in Town

Well hello there blog world. A couple of people have asked where the new blog posts were and I guess I have just been lazy. So here is a post about my 4th of July Weekend.

I had my friend Susan and her friend Anna come into town from Charlotte. It was odd having 2 people stay the weekend I realized how SMALL my apartment really is. But we had a great time. They came in Saturday and we went to lunch at Gilligans we all had fish. they loved it I am not really into FISH. YUCK! Then we headed downtown for a photoshoot and so anna could take lots of pictures of Charleston for a project she was working on.

A view from high battery.

Susan and I with WIND BLOWN hair


Susan and Anna, Love this picture!

Rainbow Row

Susan and I at the pineapple fountain

Anna and Susan

Aren't we so cute?

This one is better :)

The coolest frog outside Ben and Jerry's I wish I could take him home

She was peaking over someones gate and their backyard was AWESOME

And since it was the 4th of July Weekend here ya go :)

There were a lot more pictures but my computer is broken so I can't post them. I have had these sitting for 2 weeks waiting to be posted. :) Plus the others are in bathing suits so im not really WANTING to post those anyways.

Hope all is well with everyone. Ill try to post more but I doubt it will happen because I won't have a personal computer until probably the beggining of August. I am thinking about buying a mini dell but I need to shop around and see what will be best for me.

OH and im heading to Dallas Texas in a month. SO excited to get out of Charleston and away from work and drama. Btw I am single now been that way for about 2 weeks. I guess my Mr. Right is still out there and I hope he finds me eventually. I don't want to be that old lady with tons of dogs. I would say cats but I can't stand cats! They are just plain evil!

Ok thats all for now. That felt like a jumbled post! :)

<3 Sara

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