Thursday, January 5, 2017

NYE: 30th Bday

Saturday morning at 10:38am I officially turned 30! I kept telling Dave I wasn't old yet so I called my parents to get the exact time of my birth. Mom texted me a few minutes before 1038 to tell me to enjoy my last few minutes before I was old haha 
So Saturday morning I started off my day with a long walk as I normally do on my days off. I walked outside and I am 99% sure my mouth dropped open. The sunrise was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, I knew this was a birthday present from God. No lie it had to be. I haven't seen a sunrise this pretty in a very very long time. I see some pretty skies in the mornings sometimes but nothing like this. The pictures don't do it justice at all. By the time I had finished my 1.37 mile walk it was only a slight pink color so I was very happy to have started my walk when I did or I would have missed it.

Dave and I went to the gym then did a little shopping after. I found myself a full length mirror that stands up on it's own for our bedroom and I got it for a great deal at Kirklands. On our way home my friend Melinda said she wanted to drop by for a few to say Happy Birthday. She brought over her niece and stayed for a good hour or so which I really enjoyed.

Selfies and snapchatting!

After they left Dave and I got ready to head downtown to go to Ruth's Chris for dinner. It was so nice outside before dinner but unfortunately started to drizzle and get colder during our dinner.

  I absolutely loved our dinner, the food and service were fantastic. I even had 2 glasses of Moet champagne to go with it which I really enjoyed.

 We ended up walking around a little bit and stopped in Forever 21 where I found myself a cute top.  

We had really wanted to walk down to the pineapple but with it being all cold and drizzly we decided to just head home. We ended the night watching the Tigers beat Ohio! I was also texting Ashley about the fireworks. Seriously it sounded like grenades were going off behind my house. Dave said at midnight it was INSANE, luckily the champagne and full belly had me sleeping like a baby so I didn't hear it.

I had a pretty great birthDAY and very fortunate to have a husband who wanted to make it as special for me as possible.
My 20's were interesting to say the least, 29 was pretty amazing for the most part. I can't wait to see what my 30's bring but I hope it is mostly good things!

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