Friday, January 13, 2017

Firepit Fun

 Last Saturday night we had the Newmans over for dinner and a fire pit with s'mores. It was freezing so I wasn't really sure how the whole fire pit deal was really going to go down but we enjoyed it.


 I love these three so much. Sorry Logan for cropping you out of the 2nd one, I am going to use this for their slideshow when they get married. ;)

So the kids and the guys spent all of maybe 10 minutes outside, the kids a little longer than the guys but really this fire was enjoyed by Ashley and myself. I really enjoyed some chill time with her and just chit chatting about life. We also may have taken a few silly pictures of me pretending to be a witch stirring my cauldron. haha

We definitely plan to enjoy the fire pit again just maybe when the temps are not in the 20's.


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