Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Festival of Lights

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Can you believe it is already 2017?!?!?!?!?! I have a few posts to do of the fun we had these past few days! I will start out with Thursday!
So, Thursday night we did one last Christmasy thing with one of Daves co-workers and his wife. For Christmas my parents got us a park pass. One of the perks was a visit to the lights which would normally cost $20 a car so we knew we had to go. The temperature was dropping pretty quickly and it got really windy but that didn't stop us from getting out, walking around and riding the train.

We went to Obrions after for dinner and drinks (except me, I was DD). We had a lot of fun and will probably hang out with them again.

Friday we both had the day off, we went to the gym then just hung out most of the day. We did go to Target at some point to rack up on Christmas stuff, I saved ($92).  Later that night we met up at Swig and Swine with Angel and her family for dinner. It was a first for all of us and it was SO good!! The hash and rice and banana pudding was hands down the BEST I have ever had. I plan to go back except next time I may sit outside so I don't smell like a bonfire that was the only downfall to this place. I got home and realized I smelt like smoke, not a fan.
Saturday was my birthday and it did not disappoint. That is a whole post by itself though because I took a good bit of pictures!

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