Monday, August 17, 2009

Im doggiesitting

So this week I am doggie sitting! My parents went out of town on some family business to NC. So me and Shannon split the doggies. Chase is at my house (first pic) and moe is at her house. I realize I am so not ready to have a dog in an apt. It is so much more different than having them at home. I have to actually take him out and walk him every time he needs to potty. I know I sound SO lazy right now haha but its not like I am too tired I just hate having to WAIT on him to pee/poop. haha yup now im complaining! Sorry!! At least he is cute!! I just hope he isnt crying or anything when im not here. I heard him for a minute this morning when I left for work. I figure it will pass.

<3 Sara

P.S. Tonight is my BFF Angela's birthday!! We are going out for mexican. AND tomorrow im going out for Amanda's birthday! So I will PROBABLY post some pics!!

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